Improvement or cure of atopic dermatitis

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Improvement or cure of atopic dermatitis

More and have achieved a complete cure of atopic dermatitis at our clinic.

When atopic dermatitis heals naturally, your face will turn to be red. Your face will also become red when you try to mimic the process to achieve an improvement or a complete cure of atopic dermatitis. These days, by using a mask for the prevention of COVID-19, red face is not so obvious, so it's the right time to aim for an improvement or a complete cure of atopic dermatitis.

 If you are trying to improve or cure atopic dermatitis, the first step is to start peeling the lesion(s) using sulfur added-salicylic Vaseline

There are some detailed know-hows and precautions to be taken, so we will explain how to do it precisely during the visit to our clinic.

👉There are two major impeding factors against a complete cure of atopic dermatitis: the wisdom tooth and smoking. 

The wisdom tooth needs to be extracted.
If you are smoking, it is important to quit smoking 

👉The goal of getting well and curing atopic dermatitis might be compared to Mt. Fuji climbing. Not all of the climbers who gather at the trailhead are able to make it to the top. Adequate preparation, equipment, and physical strength are necessary for a successful climb to the top. 

In order to achieve a moderate or complete cure for atopic dermatitis, it is essential to have both of the following two conditions in order to achieve your goal: (1) a certain or more level of understanding, and (2) the ability to continue the specific skin care for years  that we will explain to you. 

Our clinic helps as many people as possible to succeed (similar to the role of a Mt. Fuji climbing guide).

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